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In the up-to-date world of helicopter services, the possibilities are endless. At Raleigh Helicopter Services we make sure to make the most of the opportunities afforded us by the ever changing characteristics of the industries seeking our services. This consequently allows for us to provide the individuals we come in contact with through our services with a full scale outstanding experience!!

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Raleigh Helicopter Charters

Aerial Tours and Charters: Corporate Helicopters

The advantage of a helicopter charter to get you to a last minute meeting is more than apparent. It's quick! But in the case of our helicopters it's also convenient too. We have facilities located throughout the United States, therefore we're available to pick up and deliver you anytime anywhere.

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Raleigh Helicopter Gifts

Aerial Support: Government, Construction, Land Surveys, General

Helicopters have supplied much needed resolution and aid to many an industry in the past and continue to play a vital role in it also today. From concrete and steel deliveries, to land and soil assessments, to taking part in firefighting and search and rescue undertakings, we've made every effort to accommodate your contemporary industry and in service to humanity needs.

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Raleigh Helicopter Tours

Aerial Tours: Exclusive or Group

This is also the case in the event of our numerous touring options. From personal flights to family sized trips, we present a safe, reliable and comfortable chance to see scenery and landmarks from a unique perspective thousands of feet in the air.

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Raleigh Aerial Photography

Aerial Imagery: Helicopters and Drones

Raleigh Helicopter Services ensures you get an amazing shot every time by taking advantage of the modern UAV and traditional helicopter technology available to us. Drones and traditional helicopters have several features that make snapping the perfect pic extremely easy; their size, effortless ability to hover for prolonged periods of time and nimble steering.

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Simply for Fun

We've provided a list of some really cool things you can do in a helicopter, we hope you'll be impressed ... we certainly are:

Helicopters can land practically anywhere

Due to the fact that there are few, if any landing restrictions on helicopters, they can practically land anywhere they wish. Anyone interested in a quick taco bell run in a chopper?

Helicopters can serve as a blow dryer

In some isolated incidents, helicopters have been employed to dry wet areas or frozen items. For instance, greens on golf courses and flowering or fruit trees in orchards.

Helicopters can be metal detectors

There have been situations where a helicopter has had a large magnet attached to it to fly over a specific area to search for valuables and gold.

Helicopters are the most safe aircraft to fly in bad weather

Helicopters have the maneuverability to slow down, stop or fly sideways and backwards which allows for quicker response in bad weather conditions.

They can carry heavy cargo

The Russian Mil Mi-12 Homer helicopter had the ability to hold 88,000 lbs!

Helicopters don't need to pay on toll roads

Needlessly to say because they can fly over the toll booth!